It is overused statement that India has the youngest population in the world. This young and restless youth is a great productive asset and needs to be utilised rightfully. Enterprise creation is one way in which this energy can be utilised rightfully, and the youth can be seen as an employment creator and not seeker. Fintech is one such form of an enterprise that is catalysing job creation in financial services.

Fintech4Students is an attempt to build an understanding of Fintech led enterprise among the student community and connecting existing student enterprises with the opportunity of POC.

As part of Fintech4Students Abhishant will be visiting > 15 Top professional campuses of India

The tentative list is:

  • Mumbai: SP Jain, NITIE, JBIMS
  • Pune: Symbiosys
  • Hyderabad: ISB
  • Bangalore: IIM
  • Chennai: IIT, Great Lakes
  • Bhubaneshwar: XIM
  • Kolkata: IIM
  • Jamshedpur: XLRI
  • Lucknow: IIM
  • Delhi: IIT, FMS & MDI
  • Udaipur: IIM
  • Ahmedabad: IIM

To conduct a “Fintech Enterprise Opportunity Workshop” of around 3 hours and mentorship session for students led Fintech start-ups/ideas.

Fintech Enterprise Opportunity Workshop

  • Indian Fintech Landscape (30 min)
  • Fintech streams: Payments, Lending, Wealth, AI-ML, Blockchain (60min)
  • Fintech Enterprise creation opportunities (30min)
  • Regulatory evolution and challenges (30min)
  • Building the start-up brand on social media (30 min)
  • Q&A (30min)

Student start-up mentoring sessions

In each of the institution depending on the availability of startups (Ideas) one-on-one mentoring sessions (3-5 sessions) will be conducted to understand challenges and provide support.

  • Identified key ideas and student behind those ideas will be connected with the partner organisation* (sponsor of Fintech Yatra) to take the discussion forward. Successful POC of these innovative ideas will be mutually beneficial (Providing testing ground for startup and solution to a pressing problem to partner).

Any other suggestion from Industry interaction cells, within the ambit of Fintech4Students is welcome.

*Partner organisations are essentially sponsors of Fintech Yatra.

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